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132 reviews
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A lightweight version of imo with limited features

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imo Lite is an instant messaging tool that offers practically the same features as the standard version of imo but takes up half the space on your device's memory and consumes fewer resources. In addition, with imo Lite, you can communicate with anyone who uses the same version as you do, as well as imo, imo HD, and imo beta.

This app lets you send text messages, photos, and videos; you can also make video calls via Wi-Fi or your mobile data network. In the same way, you can have one-on-one conversations or create groups with as many contacts as you want. You can create groups for family, co-workers, friends, etcetera. And you can have as many groups as you want.

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One of the strengths of imo Lite, in addition to its small size, is that it offers excellent performance even when you have a poor connection. Even if you're connected to a network that's only 2G, unstable, or slow, you can probably still talk to any of your contacts. That said, if you have a poor connection, it's better to make voice calls instead of video calls.

Apart from the size, the main difference between imo Lite and the standard version of this app is its interface. The lite version's interface is much more minimalistic and has fewer tabs and customization options. You'll also find some limited features, but none of them are particularly important.

imo Lite is a very simple and easy-to-use communication tool for keeping in touch with all your contacts through a simple and elegant interface. With this version of the app, you can also share stories with all of your contacts.

Reviewed by Andrés López Translated by Uptodown Localization Team

Requirements (Latest version)

  • Android 5.0 or higher required

Frequent questions

How much space does imo Lite take up?

The imo Lite APK takes up less than 10 MB. After installation, it takes up no more than 20 MB, which is less than a fifth of standard versions. For this reason, it's ideal for devices without much storage space.

Is imo Lite available on PC?

No, imo Lite is not available on PC, at least not natively. It's possible to use it on PC with an Android emulator, but there's no official client of the Lite version for Windows or Mac.

Information about imo Lite 9.8.000000016937

Package Name
License Free
Op. System Android
Category Messaging
Language English
72 more
Downloads 2,555,356
Date Jul 17, 2024
Content Rating +12
Advertisement Not specified
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Older versions

apk 9.8.000000016927 Android + 5.0 Jun 20, 2024
apk 9.8.000000016927 Android + 5.0 Jun 25, 2024
apk 9.8.000000016917 Android + 5.0 May 17, 2024
apk 9.8.000000016917 Android + 5.0 May 17, 2024
apk 9.8.000000016907 Android + 5.0 May 10, 2024
apk 9.8.000000016907 Android + 5.0 May 6, 2024

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132 reviews


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awesomebrowncrow97605 icon
4 weeks ago

Good app

lazybrownnightingale22663 icon
4 weeks ago


amazingyellowcat62913 icon
1 month ago

i want to install this how can i?

calmwhitewatermelon51069 icon
1 month ago


fantasticgreenlime27033 icon
1 month ago

Very nice apps

magnificentgreenkingfisher44688 icon
1 month ago

Nice summers

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